Discover How I Failed My Way To FINANCIAL FREEDOM So You Can Avoid My Mistakes And FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS …

If I'm going to help you get YOUR work-from-home internet marketing business started, I probably ought to very quickly tell you a little bit about myself ...

I first started marketing online in 2007. But I was just dabbling in my spare time back then. So the first thing you should know is that I'm certainly NOT a “guru” who achieved phenomenal overnight success. I’m just a regular guy who made a LOAD of mistakes along the way. So, if I can do this, ANYONE can.

In fact, to help you, I’m about to reveal 6 life-changing lessons that I’m embarrassed to admit cost me YEARS of wasted time and THOUSANDS of wasted dollars to learn so you can AVOID the mistakes I made and achieve success MUCH QUICKER than I did.

This Will Save You THOUSANDS Of Dollars And YEARS Of Frustration, Confusion, Anxiety And Pain


Setting up my own internet marketing business from home has provided me with a much better quality of life, despite all the mistakes I made ...

  • I now work the hours I WANT to work, WHEN I want to work on a PART TIME basis from the COMFORT and CONVENIENCE of my own home
  • I fit my work around my family life. I DON'T have to squeeze my family life around my work any more
  • I DON'T have a boss (I always hated being told what to do – I’m sure you do, too)
  • I’m no longer governed by the clock. I DON'T have to be anywhere in particular at any given time
  • I’m now in CONTROL of my time and so am STRESS-FREE
  • I no longer have to waste hours of my life commuting to a job I hate each day
  • I’m NOT restricted to just a few weeks vacation a year. Now I can take time off whenever I WANT. I DON'T have to ask anyone’s permission

But not so long ago my life was VERY different ...

I Felt TRAPPED In A Job I Hated


I was bored and frustrated but I couldn’t just give up work because, just like most people, I had debts. I was concerned that life was slipping by, my kids were growing up fast and I hadn’t yet achieved the lifestyle I dreamed of. I wanted a better lifestyle for my family and to have more fun with them. Perhaps you want the same things for you and your family. I wanted credibility, respect and freedom. Ideally I wanted passive income for very little effort. I’m sure you do, too!

So I started looking around for easier ways to make money. I bought various home study money-making courses on things like stock market investment and foreign exchange trading and so on. Maybe you’ve done the same.

But I knew this was little more than gambling. And like all gambling, although some people can make a lot of money doing these things, many other people lose a lot of money. I felt they were too risky and not a genuine business opportunity.

I also considered real estate investment but this involved having a lot of capital to start with (which I didn’t have) or borrowing a lot of money, which becomes risky. And am I glad I didn’t get involved in that! Someone I know used to boast that they were making about £100,000 / $150,000 a year from their property portfolio, but when the property market crashed a few years ago, they became bankrupt!

I was beginning to think I'd never enjoy the lifestyle I dreamed of. But that's when I discovered internet marketing and realized it was the answer I’d been looking for ...

With an internet marketing business I could work when I wanted, where I wanted. There were practically no start up and running costs and my income potential was practically unlimited because it wouldn't be dependent on the amount of time I spent working ...

But, to be honest, I wasn't totally convinced I could do it at first. So, for a long time, FEAR OF FAILURE prevented me from getting started ...

I Was Worried About Wasting Time And Money And Looking Foolish To My Wife And Kids


I now know that it’s OK to make mistakes. In fact you HAVE to make mistakes to succeed. SUCCESSFUL people make MORE mistakes than unsuccessful people. They “fail” their way to success.

Let me show you what I mean …

You know that people all over the world are making loads of money on the internet so you decide to give it a try. You put up a website promoting a product but don't make any sales. Nothing!

So, even though you know that other people all over the world ARE making money on the internet, you could say to yourself: “I knew it wouldn’t work!” and give up. In which case you will have failed.

Alternatively, you could say to yourself: “That didn’t work. But I KNOW other people all over the world ARE making it work so I just need to try again.” So you make some changes ... they don't work. So you make some more changes ... they still don't work. So you make even more changes and you start to make some sales ... but not enough. So you continue making changes (some work, some don’t) UNTIL you get the results you want.

In the first example you only failed once and then gave up. But in the second example you “failed” several times before you achieved success. You “failed” your way to success ...


So the first lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board) is DON'T let fear of failure hold you back. Accept that you WILL make mistakes. Making mistakes is good (if you learn from them). You DON'T have to get it right first time but you do have to get started so your business gathers MOMENTUM. That’s the ONLY way to achieve success.

I was also sceptical of all the hype at first. I was reluctant to spend any money because I was afraid of getting ripped off. So I decided not to “waste” my money and try to work it out for myself ...

That Was A BIG Mistake!


I now know that EVERY successful person achieved success because they had a MENTOR - someone who had ALREADY achieved what they wanted to achieve and SHOWED them how to do it. But I didn't know that back then.

I wasted MONTHS trying to figure out all the technical stuff myself. But every time I managed to solve one problem, I just hit another ... and another ... and another. I was FRUSTRATED and CONFUSED and thought I’d NEVER succeed ...


So the second lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board) is DON'T try to teach yourself. Don't waste your time "re-inventing the wheel". It’s much better to learn from someone else (who knows what they are doing). Just COPY someone who has ALREADY achieved what you want to achieve. It's much QUICKER and you're far more likely to SUCCEED.

Then it dawned on me - I could EASILY get back any money I invested in buying courses (if they helped me make more money). But I would NEVER get back all the time I WASTED trying to figure it out for myself.

But then ...

I Got SUCKERED In To Buying Every “Push-Button-Simple-Make-Millions-On-The-Internet-Instantly-Without-Doing-Any-Work” Course That Got Launched!


You see, the easiest way to make money is to sell what people want. And people want a simple solution that will make them a ton of money instantly without them having to do anything.

So many unscrupulous marketers sell "magic button" solutions that claim you can make loads of money instantly without doing any work. They are appealing to people's laziness and greed and preying on their naivety. The problem is, the "magic button" DOESN'T EXIST! (But you probably already knew that) ...

I don’t know ANY successful internet marketers who made millions overnight by doing nothing. Anyone with a SUCCESSFUL internet business has spent time and effort (and invested some money) learning how to do things properly ...

You can also buy a “done-for-you-business-in-a-box”. But you’ll just end up with a website that’s the same as HUNDREDS of others with NO IDEA how to improve it or adapt it as things change (which they rapidly do online). So you just become dependent on other people to do everything for you (which is VERY expensive) because you haven't learned how to do anything yourself.

It’s like the old saying:

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. But teach
them HOW to fish and they can feed themselves for life.”

I could re-write that as:

“Give someone a done-for-you-push-button-business-in-a-box and they
MIGHT make some money in the short term. But teach them everything
they need to know to build their own unique internet marketing business
and they can enjoy FINANCIAL FREEDOM for the rest of their lives
” ...


So the third lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board) is that there is NO magic button solution that will make you rich quick without you having to do any work. Don't waste your time and money on magic button solutions. Accept that you have to invest some time and effort building a PROPER business if you want FINANCIAL FREEDOM (where your income is NOT determined by the amount of time you spend working).

Although there is no instant magic button solution ...

You CAN Make Thousands At The Click Of A Button With An Internet Marketing Business


You just send an email promoting a product or service and people buy it.

But you can't do that straight away. First you have to build a LIST of people who you can send an email to. Second you have to build a RELATIONSHIP with them so they get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. Then, when you recommend a product or service to them, some of them will buy.

So, to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM (where the amount you make is NOT dependent on the time you spend working) you need to build a PROPER sustainable business. It’s NOT hard but it will take some time and effort. It won't happen over-night (but I promise it's worth the wait!)

Buying all those “how to get rich quick without doing anything" courses turned me into an “opportunity-seeker”. I ended up dabbling in lots of different things trying to get instant results without success, which wasted even more time. I would have achieved success much sooner if I had spent that time focusing on one course of action ...


So the fourth lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board)  is DON'T be an “opportunity-seeker”. Don’t keep jumping from one opportunity to another hoping to get instant results. The results will come if you choose a course of action that you feel comfortable with and FOCUS on it UNTIL you SUCCEED.

You see, the problem was, I was trying to make a million on the internet before I’d made a dollar. Everyone knows you can’t run before you can walk. It’s hard to make a million from scratch. So most people give up before they succeed.

It’s much easier to make a dollar. If you concentrate on making a dollar you’ll almost certainly SUCCEED. And guess what? Once you’ve learned how to make a dollar you’ve learned most of what you need to know to make a million!


So the fifth lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board) is DON'T try to run before you can walk. Don’t try to make a million over night. Build a proper sustainable business that you can be PROUD of that will give you LONG-TERM FINANCIAL SECURITY. Once you've laid rock-solid foundations, you can build your business to whatever level you want.

Then I thought I’d have to be an expert to avoid failure. So I became a sort of "information-junkie" (which is why my company's called "Informaniac"). In fact, I invested more than $30,000 over several years in expensive advanced internet marketing courses! But don't worry ... YOU don't need to do that to succeed.

Although these were much better than the cheap get-rich-quick-without-doing-anything rubbish I had bought before, they were too advanced for me at that time.

They either assumed a level of technical knowledge that I didn’t have (back then) or recommended that I outsource everything (which I couldn’t afford - having spent all my money on buying courses!)

I Was Being CRUSHED By “Information Overload!”


I was just getting more and more DAZED, CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED.

If you've been looking at internet marketing for any length of time, you probably know how that feels!


So the sixth lesson I learned (that I hope you'll take on board) is avoid information overload. You DON'T have to be an expert to start making money online. Don’t cram your head with advanced techniques. You'll just get overwhelmed. Start at the beginning. Lay the basic foundations. You’ll soon start to see results. Then build up your knowledge, and your business, over time. This will give your business the MOMENTUM it needs to SUCCEED ... and, in the meantime, you can earn while you learn!

That’s a LOT of mistakes I made which cost me thousands of wasted dollars and years of wasted time. But a lot of people who try to make money on the internet make these same mistakes ... and many of them give up before they succeed. I don't want THAT to happen to YOU!

So, if you take nothing else from this website, PLEASE learn the 6 lessons I just shared with you. I PROMISE they will save you THOUSANDS of wasted dollars and YEARS of wasted time (and could be the difference between success and failure for you).

It was only when I stopped trying to get rich quick and began building a proper, legitimate, ethical, sustainable business based on giving people what they want (backed up by excellent service and value for money) that I started to achieve success ...

And if a regular guy like me (who made LOADS of mistakes) can do it, then so can anyone.

Now, imagine how stress-free YOUR life will be when you have a SUCCESSFUL internet marketing business (where the amount you make is NOT dependent on the time you spend working) and you DON'T have to be anywhere at any given time, you DON'T have to waste hours every day commuting to work and you DON'T have a boss looking over your shoulder telling you what to do.

Imagine being your own boss and taking back control of your life, working wherever and whenever you like and you decide what to do and when to do it. How valuable will that freedom be to you?

Imagine how you will feel when …

  • You run a successful ethical business that you can be proud of
  • You have no debt and no money worries
  • You live in the house you’ve always wanted
  • You drive the car you’ve always wanted
  • You take the vacations you’ve always wanted
  • You give your family the lifestyle they’ve always wanted
  • You support the charities and good causes you’ve always wanted to
  • You know you will have a comfortable, even luxurious, retirement instead of retiring in comparative poverty (as most people do)

Imagine how your friends, family and loved ones will respect you when they see how successful you are and how you turned your life around.

So, if you just need A FRIENDLY HELPING HAND to get your work from home internet marketing business started, then ...

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