Why eBay Is Easy Part 2

It would be very difficult to start most conventional offline businesses without committing full time from day one because of the amount of investment required. Often the owners of new conventional offline businesses work 10 hours a day or more, 7 days a week, because they HAVE to earn money QUICKLY because their overheads are so HIGH.

With an eBay business it’s very easy to make money because it’s easy to do all your market research in advance so you minimize your risk because you will have a good idea how your product will sell before you auction it.

eBay is not only EASY and virtually risk free, it can also provide you with a great QUALITY OF LIFE (if you do it right!) You can work from home – which means NO commuting – and you can live ANYWHERE in the world (as long as you have access to a computer connected to the internet). If you’ve got a laptop and wireless internet connection you can even run your eBay business from a beach or a ski lodge!

eBay enables you to achieve a lifestyle balance. You can choose what level you want to work at: as a paid hobby; as a part time occupation to fit around your full-time job or to fit around domestic responsibilities (such as caring for children or elderly relatives); or as a full time business.

With an eBay business, you DON’T have to employ any staff with all the hassle and expense that involves (although you may decide to employ people to do the mundane tasks for you as your business grows).

You can also turn off your eBay business at any time (just stop listing) so you can have UNLIMITED free time. Or better still, you can set up your eBay business so that it runs on AUTO-PILOT so you can take as many vacations as you like.

In the meantime, you can get ALL the information you need to set up YOUR eBay business at The Lazy Way To Wealth On eBay.

The Lazy Way To Wealth On eBay

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden



  • Louise F.

    Reply Reply 9 November, 2011

    Hi Martyn, the things you said about how easy eBay is are all true. I for one have an eBay store that sell gadgets and accessories and it’s been running for over 2 years now. After going live for 6 months, it has become our main source of income already and still going strong.

  • John Allan

    Reply Reply 14 March, 2009

    Hi Martin,

    I like the look of your blog, clean and well presented, also some great content.

    Wishing you success


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