The Key To Success

In my last 2 posts I explained 2 keys to success. First, to be successful, you need to program your mind by having clearly defined goals; then, to get success in life you need to take consistent action towards their attainment.

So one of the keys to success is don’t “try” to succeed. Decide that you WILL succeed and DON’T give up until you DO.

But many people are busy running around in circles. They are taking loads of action but keep changing direction. The result is they fail to achieve the results they desire. So another key to success is: you must stay FOCUSSED.

Imagine 2 gold-diggers digging for gold. They know there is a seam of gold somewhere underground because other people have found it. They’ve been told that it’s about 100 feet down. So they start digging. They dig and dig and dig until they get to about 100 feet deep. But there’s nothing there. They dig a bit deeper – still nothing.

Eventually one gives up and says: “There’s no gold here! I’m going to start digging somewhere else”. So he goes off and starts another hole. He digs down 100 feet. Again nothing. So he starts another hole somewhere else.

The other digger has the strength of his convictions. He believes there is gold and keeps digging. After 150 feet he strikes gold. There was a fault in the seam so it was deeper than 100 feet. He didn’t give up. He kept going UNTIL he succeeded.

The other guy was nearly there but gave up. He keeps trying new things (digging new holes) but always gives up too soon. He is looking for a “quick buck” rather than committing to building a sustainable business.

Success is like this seam of gold. Success DOES exist. Others achieve it and YOU can too. But if you try and then give up when it doesn’t work straight away – you’ve failed. But you may have been 90% there.

If you try and don’t get the success you want immediately – try again. If that doesn’t work – try again. Keep trying UNTIL you succeed. Staying FOCUSSED is a major key to success.

In my next post I’ll explain another key to achieving success, particularly with regard to having a successful business

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden



  • andy

    Reply Reply 30 July, 2011

    Too true Martyn.
    Prevarication and then as you say, giving up too easily, are the biggest downfall of many in say internet marketing…..but it is also true for business generally.
    There’s also a case for saying this could be true for anything in life that is worth having.
    Good post.

  • John Edwards

    Reply Reply 14 June, 2009

    Hi Martyn,

    A very interesting and more importantly true mindset to have when starting and growing your business be online or off for that matter,it`s posts like these that spur people on when their efforts start to fade in their minds it recharges the focus!

    Cheers for that Martyn….Ed.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply 30 May, 2009

    Hi Martyn,
    I totally agree with never giving up. Sir Ranulph Fiennes just became the first Pensioner to climb Everest…When he was asked how he did it, he said he never gave up, he just kept on plodding until he got to the top.
    great post.

  • Martyn Boaden

    Reply Reply 27 May, 2009

    That’s right Ray. And apparantly Edison’s view wasn’t that he “failed” to invent the electric lightbulb 1000 times. His view was that he discovered 1000 ways NOT to invent the electric lightbulb, i.e. each “failure” was actually another step towards success. He “failed his way to success” (see my previous post)

    Martyn Boaden

  • Ray Ott

    Reply Reply 27 May, 2009

    Martyn, Persistance is certainly the key. I have heard that Thomas Edison tried over 1000 different substances for use as a filament in light bulbs before he settled on tungsten as a suitable solution. It’s hard to imagine someone that persistant but that’s what it took. And had he given up, we might still be reading with whale oil or kerosene.

  • Ann Martinez

    Reply Reply 26 May, 2009


    Great post about success! I’m going to keep digging until I finish my product. I like your blog.
    Best of luck finding gold beyond the fault line.

  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply 20 May, 2009

    Brilliant, Martyn, thanks for this. The rewards usually cme at the end of something, don’t they.

    Enjoy the journey.


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