The Easiest And Best Work From Home Business Model

Here’s a summary of the “secret” system to maximize your income whilst minimizing your effort from direct response marketing – the EASIEST and BEST work from home business model that ANYONE can use:

1. First, find a niche market – a voraciously hungry crowd of highly targeted buyers who desperately WANT (not need) a product. You need a market with relatively high disposable income (don’t waste your time trying to sell products to people who can’t afford them).

2. Next, locate a line of connected products, ideally with massive profit margins to fulfil the niche’s wants. You need a product LINE. If you only have one product, you won’t have any back-end products to sell (don’t forget that the real profits are in the back-end products).

3. Then offer a very tempting low-cost, QUALITY product that members of the niche will buy to develop customer confidence in your business and your products. NEVER offer a poor quality product. If you do, no one will buy from you again. Always offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee to remove the customer’s risk. This will generate a much higher response. The aim of the front-end product is just to get as many people on to your list as possible. You don’t necessarily need to make a profit on the front-end product if you are confident that you will make high profits on your back-end products. Some marketers give away the front-end product for free or offer free samples to get people on their list.

4. Then offer your first back-end product within a week of selling the front-end product. The back-end product must be closely connected to the front-end product, must represent good quality and value for money, but should be higher priced and so generate higher profit. This is where your real profits are made.

5. Continue to offer higher and higher priced QUALITY products to your growing list of happy, loyal customers. As long as the back-end products continue to offer good value, and you offer good service, they will be happy to continue buying from you. They won’t all buy every product that you offer. Some will buy some of the back-ends, others will buy other back-ends.

I cannot over-emphasise the importance of building a relationship with your customers to get a “customer for life”. So NEVER offer a poor product or give poor service. Only ever offer high quality products, provide EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEYand EXCELLENT SERVICE.

By growing a list of happy customers, you will have a SUSTAINABLE business that is not dependent on continually selling new products to new customers. Your database of customers will acquire a value which can enable you to sell your business eventually should you wish to.

In my next post, I’ll explain why it is far EASIER for ANYONE to make money NOW than it has ever been

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden



  • Tom Aspin

    Reply Reply 5 May, 2009

    Dear Martyn

    Looked at this after reading the comment you had posted on ‘product development’ in the JT forum.

    Excellent thanks for the tips and advice – will start working to that end


  • Steve Deerfield

    Reply Reply 11 April, 2009

    Hi Martyn, I really enjoyed your series on Maximise Your Income. You packed a lot of information into your posts and all of it was right on target. The complete series would make of an excellent PDF report for your subscribers.

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