The Biggest Challenge Most New Internet Marketers Face – And How You Can Overcome It …

In my last post I asked “what was the biggest challenge facing you when you first started your work from home internet marketing online business?” and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to my survey.

I promised to share the results with you so here they are:

39% stated that “information overload” and where and how to get started was their biggest challenge.
13% stated that lack of technical knowledge was their biggest challenge.
13% stated lack of focus was their biggest challenge.
9% stated the inability to select a niche was their biggest challenge.
9% stated a lack of (or inability to maintain) motivation and self-belief was their biggest challenge.
5% stated lack of traffic was their biggest challenge.
5% stated not knowing how to successfully monetize a site or an inability to convert traffic into sales was their biggest challenge.
5% stated lack of time or poor time management was their biggest challenge.
1% stated not knowing which business model to use was their biggest challenge.
1% stated trying to “get rich quick” instead of building a genuine and sustainable business was their biggest challenge.

Reading the comments, a very common picture emerged, one that is very familiar to me …

You decide that you want to set up a work from home internet marketing online business and are full of excitement, motivation and anticipation because you’ve found an internet marketing course that will teach you how to make “squillions” of dollars online quickly and easily.

You devour the course and try to implement what you’ve learned but it assumes a level of technical knowledge that you don’t have and there is no support to answer your queries.

You can’t make it work but it’s OK because someone has very kindly emailed you about another internet marketing course that will show you how to make “squillions” of dollars online even more quickly and easily. So you buy it but you don’t have a list of customers or any joint venture partners so it doesn’t work for you.

But its OK because someone else has very kindly sent you an email about an even better internet marketing course …

And so it goes on.

You end up flitting from course to course, half-heartedly trying each one, failing to achieve the results you were hoping for and then getting distracted by something better, easier, quicker. Very soon you have information coming out of your ears and don’t know what is worth focusing on.

You are investing loads of time and money but are going nowhere fast. Time is passing, your bank account is emptying and all you seem to be learning is just how little you know about internet marketing.

Does this sound familiar?

Another trend that emerged from the comments from those who responded to my survey was that they only really made progress once they found a mentor – someone they trusted who showed them, step-by-step, exactly what to do and provided on-going support to help them along the way.

Only then were they able to focus on one workable system which took their business to the next level.

In fact, I don’t know of any successful people who don’t have a mentor.

So, the moral of this tale is stop buying course after course after course. Find someone you trust who provides mentoring and invest your time and effort with them!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden


  • Lisa

    Reply Reply 22 September, 2011

    There is a big difference between telling someone what to do and showing someone how to do it.

    You can tell someone how to sail a ship from one port to another and then say to them “now go do it”. A mentor, on the other hand, actually sails with you and gives you course corrections as you go. You are much more likely to end up at the right destination.

  • Sheridan Berry

    Reply Reply 19 September, 2011

    “Find someone you trust who provides mentoring and invest your time and effort with them!” This is the best piece of advice I have ever read. I think that it is really great that you have someone who is already an expert to guide you along the way.

  • Steve Deerfield

    Reply Reply 30 November, 2010

    Hey Martyn, excellent survey and results! I think there’s a little bit of everyone in your findings. I agree with your advice – find a mentor and take action. If we move beyond the problems that hold us back I wonder what sort of results a second survey might yield or what sort of problems are holding us back now so to speak.

    Is everyone still facing information/promotional overload and anxiety? Are people still on too many marketing lists? Have new obstacles taken the place of the original obstacles, e.g., maintaining a responsive subscriber list, building a blog that brings more and more traffic as well as new subscribers, etc. Anyway, I believe that it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat; it was actually too much curiosity that killed it. lol Be well, Steve D.

  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply 16 October, 2010

    Hi Martyn

    Totally agree you need to focus on one voice from the many screaming at you and walk in their shadows until you are ready to step out and do your thing with the experience gained from the mentoring.

    I spent 3 years going round in circles looking for the magic key, since hooking up with a mentor this year I have made massive progress and although still not ready to call myself a successful marketer I know I am on the right path.

    • Martyn Boaden

      Reply Reply 17 October, 2010

      Hi Igor. Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you’re now on the right path.

  • John McNally

    Reply Reply 21 September, 2010

    I agree with you entirely Martyn.

    I’m on a Course and I’m happy to follow the step by step instructions laid out. As you said you need to trust your Mentor, which I do, so that cuts out the ‘Information Overload’; I don’t need to look at other courses because I’m on the best. 😉

    I particularly like the fact you can take a course at your own pace. 8)


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