Introduction To This Life-Changing Opportunity

It’s a fact that more MILLIONAIRES and MULTI-MILLIONAIRES are being created right now than at any other time in history. Why? Because of the INTERNET …

Right now, all over the world, people JUST LIKE YOU are making HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, pounds or euros (and in many cases MILLIONS of dollars, pounds or euros) EACH YEAR from their internet marketing business working PART-TIME from the comfort and convenience of their home.

But internet marketing is not just about making lots of money. Many successful businessmen, lawyers, doctors and others with high salaries have left their profession and started internet marketing instead. Because, although they made a lot of money in their profession, they had to work very hard to get it. They were money rich but time poor.

Like most people, they were exchanging their time for money. In order to earn more, they had to work more. If they stopped working, they stopped earning and their lifestyle would disappear. They had become slaves to their work.

Internet marketing enables them to maintain their high standard of living but also enjoy a much better QUALITY OF LIFE.

Many other people use internet marketing as a convenient way to make enough money to support them on a PART-TIME basis that fits neatly around other commitments on their time like bringing up children, looking after elderly relatives, studying at college, etc.

So whether you want to make hundreds of thousands (or even millions) a year, or you want to achieve a better quality of life, or you just want to be able to earn enough to support you while only working a few hours a week, then internet marketing is the answer.

Internet marketing is the best opportunity for anyone (who is prepared to invest some time and effort) to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM because it involves AUTOMATION …

An internet marketing business can enable you to MAKE MONEY ON AUTO-PILOT so THE AMOUNT YOU MAKE IS NOT DEPENDENT ON THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SPEND. Once you’ve have set up your internet marketing business correctly …

You Can Make Money While Asleep Or On Vacation!

Internet Marketing Business

With an internet marketing business you can make money while asleep or on vacation!

Imagine waking up each morning to find that you’ve already made money that day! Imagine returning home after an exotic, luxurious vacation to find that you’ve made more money whilst you’ve been on vacation, doing no work, than you spent on the vacation!

But you will have to invest some time and effort first before you get to that position. This is not some “how-to-make-loads-of-money-without-doing-anything” scam. If that is what you’re looking for then this is not for you. So please stop reading now (but be aware that you’ll probably still be looking for such an opportunity for years to come as it doesn’t exist).

I want to emphasize that internet marketing is a genuine ETHICAL business opportunity that you can be proud of. It’s based on finding out what people want and giving it to them. It doesn’t involve ripping people off. The more people you help, the more money you make.

At this point, I’d like to congratulate you because the fact that you’re reading this means that you’ve already taken the first step towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. You’ve already realized that there must be a better way than just having a job.

Unfortunately most people put their hopes and dreams on hold in return for a job. They squander their life by “renting” it to their employer for a few thousand dollars, pounds or euros per month. They trade 8 to 10 hours of their lives each working day, perhaps working evenings and weekends as well, for a few thousand a month.

Most people accept that to make money they have to do what someone else (their employer) tells them to do. They spend their lives making someone else rich. They work for their employer’s best interests, rather than their own. They can’t have goals because they have no way of achieving them.

So they just have daydreams about the house they’d like to live in “if only”; the car they’d like to drive “if only”; the vacations they’d like to have “if only”, because they’ll never earn enough to achieve them.

What do you dream of? If you could write your own pay cheque …

  • What house would you live in?
  • What car would you drive?
  • What vacations would you have?
  • What would you spend your time doing? (I bet it’s not working in your current job!)
  • Who would you spend your days with? (I bet it’s not your boss and your work colleagues!)
Can you achieve any of your dreams if you continue doing what you’re doing now?

To earn real money and HAVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE YOU DESIRE you need to have your own business. Your daydreams can then become realistic goals because you are then in control of your life.

But there are many risks involved in setting up your own business. Most conventional businesses involve some investment of capital to get them started (to buy equipment, stock, etc) and high on-going costs such as renting a commercial property, store or office, advertising, staff costs, etc.

[And I should know – I used to own a conventional offline business. I had to make £40,000 (about $60,000) a year just to break even – that’s before I could pay myself anything!]

Often the owners of new conventional businesses work 10 hours a day or more, 7 days a week, because they have to earn a lot of money quickly – not to pay themselves but just to pay the bills. They have become slaves to their businesses.

Lack of cash-flow to pay these high overheads causes many conventional businesses to fail before they get a chance to succeed.

Most people are not prepared to take these risks. They perceive their employment as risk free. But, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that relying on someone else to provide you with a job is far from risk free.

At the time I’m writing this, we are in the midst of a deep and worsening global economic recession. Every day the news informs us that more and more businesses are going bust and more and more people are tragically losing their “risk-free” jobs.

But in such times of economic doom and gloom, the good news is that it’s now much easier and less risky for you to set up and run your own business. So YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY rather than being at the mercy of the economy.

The reason why it’s now MUCH EASIER and less risky for you to set up and run your own business is the internet. Now, anyone can set up and run a business marketing to the whole online world from the comfort and convenience of their own home for little or even NO cost.

Internet marketing is selling your own or other people’s products or services via the internet, usually (but not necessarily) from a website.

An internet marketing business can be set up so it has all the benefits of a conventional business (YOU BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY) but none of the risks and drawbacks associated with a conventional business (such as high costs, long hours, etc).

It’s much easier to start an internet marketing business than you might think, when someone SHOWS you how. In this FREE VIDEO I show you EXACTLY how to build a web business IN JUST 32.5 MINUTES that can MAKE YOU MONEY on AUTO-PILOT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even when you’re asleep or on vacation!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden