What Should You Sell In Your Internet Marketing Business?

The ideal product for you to sell in your work from home internet marketing business would be one that:

  • Is in high demand
  • Is unique to you so you don’t have any direct competition
  • Costs you nothing to produce
  • Costs you nothing to ship
  • Doesn’t require storage space
  • Has a high profit margin
  • Can be delivered automatically on auto-pilot so your earnings aren’t dependent on the hours you spend at work
  • Can be easily adapted in response to changes in demand
  • Can be marketed as a low-cost, front-end product to attract customers and as back-end products with ever increasing profit potential.
Fortunately, such a product DOES exist – it’s INFORMATION!

An information product is anything that gives the consumer information – usually teaching them how to do something.

An information product can be:

  • PHYSICAL such as an audio CD, video DVD, or paper book
  • DIGITAL such as an ebook, or an audio or video file on a web page (or even just text on a web page)
  • INTANGIBLE such as a seminar, teleseminar, coaching, mentoring, consulting.
This article that you are reading and my FREE VIDEO are examples of information products.

So how do information products fit our criteria for the ultimate product to sell?

Information is in high demand

Most people search the internet for information. Even if the information they are looking for is available for free on the internet, it may be very difficult to find exactly what they are looking for amongst the thousands or even millions of webpages listed in their search results. Many people are willing to pay to get exactly what they are looking for instantly.

It is very EASY to research the internet to find out EXACTLY what information people are looking for. Once you know what they are looking for, you can create an information product that provides the answers they want instantly, GUARANTEEING that your product will be in demand.

An information product is unique to you so you don’t have any direct competition

It’s very easy to create your own, unique information products for free – or have them created for you at very little cost. Alternatively you can obtain ready-made existing information products for very little cost which come with private label rights which means you can quickly and easily edit them to make them unique to you.

Information products can cost NOTHING to produce

If you create your own information product yourself, it costs NOTHING to produce (apart from your time). But you DON’T have to create it yourself. You can get existing information for FREE to use as your product. Or you can pay someone a small amount of money to create your product for you.

Once it’s created, a digital information product such as an ebook, audio file or video file costs NOTHING to reproduce. It’s just a digital file that you can email to a customer or your customer can view it online or download it from a website. Having sold a copy of your digital information product, you still have the original and so can sell it an infinite number of times without ever running out of stock.

If you sell your information product in a physical format such as on a CD or DVD, the cost of a blank CD or DVD to put your information product on is minimal.

Information products cost NOTHING to ship

As mentioned above, a digital information product such as an ebook or video or audio file costs NOTHING to deliver electronically by email or as a download from a website.

But even if you deliver your information product in a physical format on a CD or DVD, the postage and packing costs are very low because discs are very light and slim.

Information products don’t require storage space

Once created, your information product exists as a file on your computer. The only “space” it takes up is some memory on your hard drive. If you are delivering it to your customer electronically, you do not need to store it anywhere else.

If you are delivering it to your customer in a physical format you can print it on to paper, or burn it to a CD or DVD, just prior to delivery. There is no need to have boxes and boxes of stock cluttering up your home.

Information products have a huge profit margin

What is the value of a scrap of paper? Nothing. But what if that scrap of paper has next Saturday’s double roll-over lottery winning numbers on it? It is now worth millions. This is an extreme example but it illustrates that it is not the value of the paper or the disc that the information is delivered on that counts – it’s the value of the information that’s on that paper or disc that counts. The paper or disc only costs pennies to produce but can be sold for $10, $100 even $1,000 – if the information it contains is good quality and the buyer wants it badly enough.

Of course, if you are delivering your information products digitally, your costs are nil so your profit is 100% of the selling price!

This is why internet marketers selling information products can make hundreds of thousands, and even millions, a year often just working part time from home.

Now, you may struggle to sell an information product for $1,000 straight away. But if you spend a bit of time building a list and nurturing your relationship with that list, some of your customers will buy more and more expensive products from you.

  • You only need to sell 100 copies of a $100 information product each month to make over $100,000 a year.
  • You only need to sell 10 copies of a $1,000 information product each month to make over $100,000 a year.
  • You only need to sell 1,000 copies of a $1,000 information product to make a million!

Information products can be delivered automatically on auto-pilot so your earnings aren’t dependent on the hours you spend at work

An information product can be sold automatically through a website. Once your customer completes the online order form and clicks the order button, they are taken to a webpage from which they can download the product. All this is done AUTOMATICALLY even while you are asleep on vacation!

If you sell physical information products such as CDs or DVDs, they will have to be physically sent. Software and services are available that will completely automate the process of producing and delivering your information product on CD or DVD for you so you don’t have to fulfil your orders yourself. Your customer receives their CD/DVD without you having to do anything! This can be happening while you are asleep or on vacation!

Information products can be easily adapted in response to changes in demand

Once you’ve created your own information product that sells successfully, you are likely to find that sales start to decline after a while. Your product may be out of date or a competitor might be selling a better product. It would be very easy for you to alter your product in response to changes in demand or changes in your target market. Remember you don’t have loads of stock lying around that is now out of date. All you have to do is edit the content of your product on your computer.

And once you’ve created one information product, it’s very easy to create another and another and another, to sell to your existing customers and to diversify into new markets.

Information can easily provide a product line of front-end and back-end products with ever increasing profit potential

Information can be presented on a website, or as a downloadable ebook, audio or video file, as a physical product such as a CD, DVD or printed paper, or presented personally at a seminar or workshop.

In fact, the SAME information can be presented in various formats. For example, tickets could be sold to attend a seminar. The seminar could be filmed and copied on to a set of DVDs. The audio from those DVDs could be copied on to CDs. The audio could then be transcribed and edited as a manual or workbook. The transcript could then be contracted into an ebook, or several ebooks on different individual topics covered by the seminar, and then further contracted as a top ten tips.

The top ten tips could be given away in return for obtaining contact details to add people to your list. The ebooks could be sold for a few dollars as low-cost front-end products. The manual or workbook, audio CDs and video DVDs can be sold in various combinations as back-end products, for prices ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. And tickets to the next seminar could be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You are probably thinking – that’s great, Martyn, but I don’t have any information products to sell! Well, that’s easily dealt with. There are 4 EASY ways to obtain as many information products for as many niche markets as you could possibly want.

You can:

  • Create your own information product (which is very easy to do)
  • Have one created for you (for very little cost)
  • Use an existing one (that you can rebrand as your own)
  • Sell someone else’s (as an affiliate or as a joint venture)
Don’t obtain or create an information product and hope your target market will want it. Find out what they want FIRST and then obtain or create the information product that they want. That way you’re product is GUARANTEED to be in demand. It’s very easy to do this research on the internet.


Information products solve ALL the problems you face when deciding what to sell from your work from home internet marketing business.

  • You DON'T have to create your own products – you can sell other people’s as an affiliate or as a joint venture.
  • There are tens of thousands of EXISTING products you can obtain with resell rights or private label rights that you can sell as your own.
  • It is EASY and FREE to produce your own, unique information products from scratch (or have them created for you at very little cost).
  • The cost to reproduce an information product is MINIMAL (or FREE if it is downloadable).
  • You can reproduce them as you need them, so you have NO storage problems or costs.
  • If delivered on a CD or DVD they are small, light and compact and so are CHEAP and EASY to pack and post (or FREE if downloadable).
  • Their value bears no relation to the cost of producing them so profits can be MASSIVE.
  • Existing information products can be EASILY adapted to meet changing demand and new information products can be EASILY and QUICKLY created to meet new demands.
Selling physical products that aren’t information products involves a lot more hassle. Packaging and shipping physical products involves staff, premises and stock. You will also encounter breakages and items getting “lost” (or stolen) in the post. Physical products also have higher returns due to the item being the wrong size/shape/colour or the buyer has found it cheaper elsewhere (or used it and returned it!)

Physical products have much lower profit margins than information products because of the cost of stock, shipping and handling and because people have a perceived idea of what physical products are worth which reduces the price you can charge. Whereas information products have no quantifiable real worth. Their worth is in the information they contain. Provided that the information is good, you can charge high prices.

Even if you decide to sell physical products online, information products that are relevant to your market can be used as low-cost, front-end products to get more people on your list. Or you can give them away as free bonuses to increase the value of your physical product giving you a “Unique Selling Proposition” and a competitive advantage, at little or no cost to you.

In this FREE VIDEO you’ll discover how to get access to as many information products as you’ll ever need … at little or even no cost!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden