How To Register A Domain Name

Having chosen a domain name that is available, you now need to register it from a registrar.

You don’t actually buy it out right – you pay an annual registration fee. The cost is usually less than $10 a year (although some highly sort-after premium domain names can cost a lot more). This is a tiny price to pay for what will in essence be your online store. Compare that to a conventional offline business premises such as an office or store which could cost tens of thousands a year!

Because domain registration is so cheap, it doesn’t matter if you register a domain now that you later decide not to use. I’ve done that loads of times. You’ll only “waste” $9, but it isn’t really wasted. Think of it as a small price to pay to learn how to set up your online business.

Actually your domain name isn’t your real website address. Your real website address is a set of numbers called an Internet Protocol address (IP address). But these aren’t user-friendly or memorable. So when you register a domain name with a registrar your website gets allocated a unique IP address which your domain name gets translated into when entered into a browser.

It’s very easy to register a domain name but it’s a bit difficult to explain how in text. But in this FREE VIDEO you can look over my shoulder as I actually register a domain name with what I believe is the best registrar. All you have to do is copy exactly what I do.

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden