How To Make People WANT To Buy From You

People love to buy what they want but they hate to be sold to. Have you ever walked in to a store wanting to buy something but are put off when an over-eager sales assistant pounces on you and asks if they can “help you” (and by “help you” they really mean “sell to you”)? This approach tends to make people defensive and their natural reaction is to say, “No thanks. I’m just browsing.”

But if someone that you know, like and trust, who’s opinion you value, came up to you in the store and said “If I were you, I’d buy this.” Then you are highly likely to follow their advice.

So instead of trying to sell to strangers, you want to build and nurture a relationship with them. You want them to get to know, like and trust you and perceive you as an authority or expert. Then they will WANT to buy from you rather than you having to try to sell to them.

You do this by obtaining their email address so you can take control of how and when you communicate with them. You can then send them a series of emails providing them with good quality, useful information on a regular basis to build and nurture your relationship with them so they do get to know, like and trust you and perceive you as an authority or expert.

Then, when you recommend that they buy something they will be more likely to act on your recommendation and buy. But whether they buy or not, they are still on your list so you can continue to nurture the relationship and recommend further products to them. This way you can make multiple sales and thus multiply your profits.

So don’t just bombard your list with email after email trying to sell something. The majority of your emails, particularly the first few, should contain good quality, useful information so they want to read your emails and look forward to receiving the next one.

It’s much easier to start building your list than you might think, when someone SHOWS you how. I show you how in this FREE VIDEO.

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden