How To Build A Website Quickly and Easily

There are several different ways to build a website …

You can create your own webpages for free on existing websites such as,, etc. But they aren’t very flexible. You aren’t building your own site so you aren’t in control of your business. Your business is dependent on those who own the website. There will be restrictions on what you can do, they can remove your pages if they want and you may have to compete with other people’s adverts appearing on your pages.

Also, a website is “internet real estate”. It can acquire value. Many people make money by building websites and then selling them for massive profits. If you don’t own your own website, you can’t sell it. So I recommend that you have your own website.

But you don’t have to build it yourself. You can pay someone to build your website for you. But this can be expensive and it means you are dependent on someone else. Every time you want to change something, no matter how small, you’ll have to wait for your webmaster to get round to it and you’ll have to pay them again.

You can build a website yourself from scratch. You create your website on your computer using a Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) then upload it to your server so it can be seen on the internet using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it is! But don’t worry because there is a much easier way …

Alternatively you can use WordPress which was originally designed as a platform to quickly and easily build “blogs” without the need to know anything about website design and coding. The word “blog” is short for “web log” and they are websites designed so you can quickly and easily post new content on a regular basis and allow visitors to add comments to your posts.

But WordPress is so flexible that it can be used to build virtually any kind of website including content sites and sales pages, not just blogs. This website was built using WordPress.

With WordPress, you can change the appearance of your website just by changing the theme at the click of a button, without knowing anything about website design. And plugins exist that you can install at the click of a button that enable you to add all kinds of advanced functionality to a web site built using WordPress, without knowing anything about coding.

WordPress is open source so anyone can develop plugins and themes for it. A massive community has grown around WordPress and the number of themes and plugins available is huge, most of which are FREE.

So WordPress enables you to build simple or highly complex sites without knowing any coding or design and without having to pay a webmaster or web designer. Not surprisingly, WordPress has become the website building method of choice for internet marketers.

And WordPress is so easy to edit that you don’t have to get your website exactly right first time. You can improve it over time.

Oh, and by the way, it’s completely FREE!

It would be quite difficult to explain in text how to build a website with WordPress so this FREE VIDEO shows you exactly how to build your first website using WordPress as if you are looking over my shoulder. All you have to do is copy exactly what I do. It’s a lot easier than you might think!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden