How To Build A List

The most important thing you can do in your internet marketing business is build a list of email addresses of people interested in your niche.

You can then send an email promoting a product to everyone on your email list. It could be your product or someone else’s that you are promoting as an affiliate. If some people on your list that you send the email to act on your recommendation and buy the product you are promoting, you make money. This is how you can make money at the click of a button (just by sending an email).

In fact, sending the email can be automated so you can make money on auto-pilot – even while asleep or on vacation!

But how do you get visitors to your website to give you their email address?

You offer them something for free that they can ONLY get AFTER they give you their email address. It should be an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER – something that they would be stupid not to take advantage of.

It must be RELEVANT to the niche you are targeting. It must give them what they are looking for or solve the problem they need a solution to – at least in part. You don’t want your irresistible offer that you are giving away to provide everything that they are looking for because then they won’t need to buy anything from you. But your irresistible offer should at least solve part of their problem or go some way towards solving their problem.

So if your website is about dog training, people will visit your site looking for solutions to their dog training problems. There’s little point offering them a Free Guide To Dog Grooming. You need to offer them something like “The Top Ten Dog Training Tips” or “The Number One Secret To Training Your Dog”.

It must have perceived VALUE. Giving something that has no value away for free is hardly an incentive. The greater the perceived value, the bigger the incentive to get it for free. You could offer a “Free Guide To The Number One Secret To Training Your Dog” but it would be better to offer “The Number One Secret To Training Your Dog” worth $17 for free.

Although it should have perceived value, it should COST YOU NOTHING IN TIME OR MONEY to provide as you are giving it away for free and so will be making a loss if there are time and/or monetary costs involved.

They should get INSTANT ACCESS. They’ve gone online now looking for answers to their problems now so providing the solution now is more of an incentive than providing it to them tomorrow or next week.

It should be something that they get AUTOMATICALLY, so that they can get INSTANT ACCESS even when you aren’t working.

DIGITAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS such as a text, audio or video file on a web page or as a download or as an email attachment are IDEAL incentives to give away. They can provide the solution to their problem. They have perceived value (as long as the information is good). It costs nothing to provide a digital information product on a web page or as a download or as an email attachment and they can be delivered automatically.

It’s much easier than you might think to create your own digital information product that you can use as your irresistible offer. But you don’t have to create it yourself, if you don’t want to. You can have them created for you for very little cost. You can get existing digital information products that are in the public domain for free. You can buy resell rights or private label rights to existing digital information products for very little cost.

In this FREE VIDEO I show you the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to create and give away an irresistible offer so you can start building your list TODAY!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden