Direct Response Marketing

So, what is this best work at home business idea that conforms to all the criteria mentioned in my previous post that enables ANYONE to MAXIMIZE their income whilst MINIMIZING their effort?

Well, throughout the last century many, many people quietly made their fortune by using direct response marketing. Over the years, the “art” of direct response marketing was honed into a “science” – a proven system that is now without doubt THE easiest work at home business model that ANYONE can copy to achieve the financial freedom that they seek.

Direct response marketing is simply advertising that is designed to produce an IMMEDIATE response from the consumer. That response might be to buy the product NOW or at least request further information about the product NOW.

Compare that to most advertising that you see on TV and in glossy magazines. Most of these adverts are designed to build brand awareness. The advertiser is NOT expecting you to jump out of your seat and rush to the shops to buy their product immediately.

They want you to become FAMILIAR with their brand. This familiarity builds confidence. So the next time that you want to buy a new car (or whatever it is they are advertising) you will feel more comfortable parting with a large amount of cash for a brand that you are already familiar with.

A typical “brand awareness” advert in a magazine will take up one or two whole pages and will predominantly consist of an artistic image designed to evoke a specific feeling or emotion with the intention that the reader will then associate that feeling or emotion with the brand that is being advertised. There is usually very little text in the advert other than the brand name and perhaps a slogan. Seldom will you find an order form on such ads, so you CAN’T buy the product there and then even if you wanted to!

These brand awareness adverts cost $1,000’s. Plus the advertising agencies that design them charge exorbitant fees. As a small business you do NOT want to get involved in this type of advertising. You will go BUST long before you earn a return on your advertising budget.

As a small business, you want to get an IMMEDIATE return on EVERY dollar that you spend on advertising. You want someone to read your advert and then respond STRAIGHT AWAY by placing an order or requesting more information about your product.

You will find typical direct response adverts in the Classified Ads section of magazines and newspapers. These are the complete opposite of “brand awareness” adverts. They are small, often just one print column wide and a few lines deep, and tend to be all text and no graphics. They are NOT designed to build brand awareness. In fact the advertiser’s business name and even the name of the product may not be mentioned in the ad. Compared to “brand awareness” adverts they are very cheap. They might only cost a few tens of dollars or a few hundred dollars at most.

Direct response adverts have one purpose and one purpose only – to get the reader to read the advert and respond. Larger direct response adverts might contain an order form but most just provide a ‘phone number that you can ring to get further information sent to you or a website address that you can visit to get the further information you need before deciding to order the product.

It would be very difficult to sell a high priced product, such as a luxury car, via a direct response advert. The person buying the product isn’t familiar with the seller or their business. They haven’t built confidence in the seller and so will not be comfortable parting with a large amount of their hard-earned cash in response to a tiny advert in the back of a newspaper.

So the product being sold through direct response adverts is usually relatively cheap. It is unlikely to cost more than $100, probably a lot less. So you may be wondering how anyone can make any REAL money selling cheap products from direct response adverts. I’ll explain how in my next post

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden


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