Why Internet Marketing Is The Best Home Business Opportunity

There are many reasons why internet marketing is the ultimate work from home business opportunity for you …

It’s fun!

You can choose a market that you are interested in. Many internet marketers make money from their hobbies and interests. In fact, if your home business involves doing what you enjoy, you will never have to do another day’s work for the rest of your life, because your “work” won’t seem like work.

Even if you don’t make your money from your hobby, with an internet marketing home business, you are in control. This sets you free. You don’t have a boss telling you what to do. You can work when you want, where you want. You don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time. You can throw away your alarm clock – you won’t be needing it anymore!

You don’t need any special skills or technical knowledge

Now is the best time to get involved in internet marketing because software and tools have been developed that make every aspect of running your home business easy to do without any technical knowledge. Most of these tools are free or very low cost. Such tools have removed all the technical barriers that might have prevented “non-techie” people achieving success online. You just need someone to show you how to use them. I show you how to get started in this FREE VIDEO.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to get started

With an internet marketing home business, you don’t need to buy any equipment or stock. You just need access to a computer connected to the internet (which you probably already have as you are reading this). There are many ways to make money on the internet. With some, you don’t even need a website. You can open a free account on websites like eBay, Facebook and Twitter and start to make money.

But most ways to make money on the internet involve having your own website which only costs a few dollars to set up. If you implement what I show you in this FREE VIDEO, you will have your first website up and running and capable of earning you money for a total outlay of about $20. Not a high price to pay for an instant home business!

Your running costs are minimal

With an internet marketing home business you don’t need to rent offices or a store or employ staff, etc. You just need access to the internet (which you already have as you are reading this). If you have your own website, you will only pay about $9 a month for hosting and only about $9 a year registration. Ideally you will also have an auto-responder which enables you to run your online business on auto-pilot and so make money while you are asleep or on vacation. This only costs about $19 a month.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what I mean by “hosting”, “registration” and “auto-responder”. You will discover all you need to know in this FREE VIDEO.

So you can run your internet marketing home business on virtual auto-pilot 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for about $28 a month plus about $9 a year. Compare that to employing staff and paying for an office or store!

In fact, it’s much, much CHEAPER to sell to the WHOLE ONLINE WORLD via a website than it is to sell to just your local community from a store or office!

Your internet marketing home business is scalable

Because the costs are so low, you can easily start working from home on a part-time basis in your spare time and build your home business to whatever level you want. So if you are employed you don’t have to give up your job to start your home business until you can afford to. Many successful internet marketers started this way.

You can then scale it up to a multi-million a year business (as many internet marketers have done) or just use it as a convenient way to make enough money to support you on a part-time basis that fits neatly around other commitments on your time like bringing up children, looking after elderly relatives, studying at college, etc. It’s up to you.

Your earnings are not dependent on the length of time you work

Most people exchange their time for money. They do a day’s work and get paid for a day’s work. They work hard making someone else (their employer) wealthy. With an internet business, you can do a day’s work once and get paid for that one day’s work over and over and over again.

Many internet marketers do everything in their online business themselves. But you can get practically everything done for you at surprisingly low cost, if you want to. So some internet marketers do very little themselves other than overseeing others who are doing the work for them at very little cost.

Having set up your internet business to run on auto-pilot, your earnings aren’t dependent on you being “at work”. You do not have to take orders, process orders, fulfil orders, ship orders. This can all be automated. Your internet marketing business can be making sales while you are asleep or on vacation. This gives you freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Your earnings are practically unlimited

It’s hard to get a pay rise when you are employed or self-employed. But once your online business is set up and making sales, you just need to do one of 4 things to pay yourself more and more:

  • Drive more and more traffic (visitors) to your website (there are many ways to do this).
  • Increase your conversion rate (the number of visitors to your site who go on to become customers).
  • Sell more and more products to your existing customers.
  • Set up more and more websites selling different products to different people.
Of course, some internet marketers do all 4 which is why they can earn hundreds of thousands, and even millions, each year.

You can live and work wherever you want

As long as you have access to a computer connected to the internet, you can operate your online business from anywhere in the world. Most internet marketers, even those who make millions a year, work from the comfort and convenience of their own home (no more commuting!)

You can live wherever you want. If you’ve got a laptop and wireless internet connection you can even run your online business from a beach or a ski lodge! You are no longer restricted to taking just one or two weeks’ vacation a year. You can travel around the world for months (even years) and still run your internet marketing business without interruption.

No need to be unique

To have a successful business online you don’t have to invent something new or try to be original. In fact trying to do things differently is highly likely to lead to failure. Many people have already worked out how to make phenomenal amounts of money on the internet. All you have to do is copy what is already working. Don’t try to “re-invent the wheel”.

It’s very easy to decide what to sell that is guaranteed to be in demand

There are many ways to make money on the internet. Some of these ways don’t involve you actually selling anything. But for most of the ways to make money online, you need a product or service to sell.

Most people ask “What am I going to sell in my work at home business?” This is the wrong question because you might find that no one wants to buy what you decide to sell – or at least no one wants to buy enough of it and at a high enough price to make it worth your while selling it.

The question you need to ask is “What do people want to buy?” If you only sell what you know people want to buy, it’s guaranteed to be in demand. It only takes a few minutes to find out what people want to buy on the internet.

It’s very easy to find or create products to sell that you know people want to buy

Having quickly discovered what people want to buy, it’s very easy to find existing products that you can offer them to meet their needs. There are hundreds of thousands of existing products readily available on the internet that you can offer through your home business without having to buy any stock, take orders, fulfil orders, deal with customers, etc. It’s also very easy to create your own unique products that are guaranteed to be in demand.

In fact, if you implement what I show you in this FREE VIDEO, you can be promoting a product on the internet TODAY!

The market is practically unlimited

With most conventional small businesses your market is restricted to just those people in your local community who happen to walk past your store. But with an internet marketing business, you can sell products or services to the whole online world. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. In fact, it’s CHEAPER to sell GLOBALLY, via a website, than it is to sell LOCALLY from a store or office.

According to WorldInternetStats.com, there are over 2 BILLION people (nearly one third of the entire population of the world) currently online and more and more people are going online every day. And for a very large percentage of these people, English is their first or second language. So the market is HUGE and expanding. You don’t need to “corner the market”. The market is so vast that you only need a tiny slice of it to make as much money as you want.

No need to worry about competition

With an internet marketing home business, you needn’t worry about your competitors for 3 reasons:

  • First of all, competition is good – it means that there is a vibrant market. Beware of any market where there is no competition because it probably means there is no demand.
  • Secondly, the number of people on the internet is so vast – and is growing all the time – that it is unlikely that all the markets available to you will ever become saturated.
  • Thirdly, your so-called “competition” will often become your business partners. For instance, if you and I are both selling similar products, we can work together. You promote my products to your customers and I promote your products to my customers and we split the profits.

It’s virtually instant

If this FREE VIDEO, you can watch over my shoulder as I show you, on my computer, EXACTLY how to build a web business IN JUST 32.5 MINUTES that can MAKE YOU MONEY on AUTO-PILOT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even when you’re asleep or on vacation!

It’s ethical

This is not some get-rich-quick scam based on ripping people off. Of course there are lots of scammers out there. But you don’t have to be one to make all the money you want. Having a successful internet marketing business is all about creating value for others. You make money by genuinely helping people. The more people you help, the more money you make. You make money by finding out what people want and giving it to them. You will solve your customers’ problems so they will love you for it and be pleased they bought from you and will be keen to buy more from you. It will make you feel good. It’s a business you can be proud of.

Once you’ve learned some basic internet marketing skills you can grow your business in 3 different ways …

  • You can create as many websites as you like in as many different markets as you like selling as many different products as you like. In this way you can build multiple streams of passive income.
  • Your new internet marketing skills will be in demand. Practically every business, including all the local businesses near you, need a website. You can charge them to build and maintain their websites for them. Many people make a substantial income just doing this.
  • Learning how to make money on the internet is one of the fastest growing markets. People will be willing to pay you well to teach them what you have learned about internet marketing.
It’s much easier to start an internet business than you might think, when someone SHOWS you how. In this FREE VIDEO I show you EXACTLY how to build a web business IN JUST 32.5 MINUTES that can MAKE YOU MONEY on AUTO-PILOT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even when you’re asleep or on vacation!

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden