Basic Video Tools & Resources

Most people would prefer to watch a video than read. A video of a person talking is a much more personal way to communicate than written text. So video builds rapport and makes selling easier. Videos on YouTube often rank highly in Google search results (Google owns YouTube). Videos on squeeze pages and sales pages often increase conversions. Video products have higher perceived value than written products. So I highly recommend that you use video in your online business as much as possible.

You do NOT need to produce high-quality, professional videos to use online. There are FREE tools and resources that will do a basic job for you. If you don’t want to appear in your videos, you can get someone else, such as a friend or relative, to do it for you. Or an unemployed actor will do it for you for low cost.

Video Recording

You need to record your video digitally. If you are recording yourself (or someone else) sitting or standing still and speaking to the camera, you can use a  webcam connected to your computer.

If your video involves movement, you need a portable video recording device. I use a Flip which is a very small, simple video recorder that connects directly to a computer to upload the video. But many mobile phones, in particular smart phones, can now record video of a high enough quality.

If you don’t already have a device that you can use to record video digitally, try borrowing one to practise with before deciding what you need to buy.

Free Basic Screen Capture Software

CamStudioYour video doesn’t have to be of you (or someone else). Instead, you can use screen capture software to record what is displayed on your computer monitor while recording your (or someone else’s) voice. This has 2 main uses:

1. You can create a slide show on your computer using a program such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint. You then run the slideshow and record what is displaying on your monitor while you (or someone else) reads the text. This is often used for sales messages but can also be used as an information product.

2. You can also use screen capture software to record what you are doing on your computer. Again this can be used as an information product teaching people how to use a computer, or how to do certain things on a computer. It can also be used to demonstrate some software that you are selling or promoting as an affiliate.

CamStudio is FREE and simple to use screen capture software that you can get started with but doesn’t provide all the cool marketing functionality that you get with Camtasia Studio.

Free Basic Video Player & Hosting

YouTubeYou can upload your videos to YouTube for FREE. Your videos on YouTube can rank high in search engine results pages and can attract a lot of traffic to your website. I use YouTube for this.

As well as providing free hosting, YouTube also provides a FREE video player. All you have to do is copy and paste the code they give you on to your web page to display and play your videos. This is an easy way to get started.

But you have little control over how your video is displayed with YouTube. It will display adverts and links to other YouTube videos so viewers may click away from your site.

Using YouTube videos on your site doesn’t look professional and you won’t have access to all the advanced marketing functionality that you get with Easy Video Suite.

And YouTube isn’t secure so you can’t use YouTube to host videos that you only want members or paying customers to view.

Hope this helps.

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden