Advanced Video Tools & Resources

Advanced Screen Capture & Editing Software

Camtasia StudioCamStudio is free screen capture software but is very basic with limited functionality.

Camtasia Studio on the other hand is state of the art screen capture software that enables you to produce and edit professional-looking screen capture videos with all the advanced marketing functionality you’ll ever need.

If you’ve ever watched a video on a website and thought “I wonder how they did that?” they were probably using Camtasia Studio!

I use Camtasia Studio for all my screen capture videos.

Advanced Video Player

Easy Video Suite Easy Video Suite is state of the art video player software that enables you to choose how your video player looks, whether you want your videos to start automatically or when clicked and whether to display playback controls or not.

Easy Video Suite also has all the latest marketing functionality. You can embed opt-in forms and payment buttons inside your videos and redirect viewers to another page (such as a sales page or order page) when the video ends and secure your videos so only members or customers can see them and much more. Easy Video Suite has the added advantage of integrating easily with Amazon S3 (see below).

I upload videos to YouTube to get links and traffic to my websites. But I don’t embed YouTube videos on my sites as they don’t look professional and aren’t secure. I use Easy Video Suite to display videos on my websites.

Advanced Video Hosting

Amazon S3You need to host your videos that you want to display on your website somewhere on the internet. Video files are large so if you upload them to your own hosting, you may find they take up too much space, slow down the loading of your website and may have security issues.

You can embed YouTube videos on your website but they look unprofessional, you have little control over their appearance and they aren’t secure.

Most internet marketers that I know of host their videos on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It has virtually unlimited capacity and is very secure so you can control who has access to your videos and where they can be displayed. Easy Video Suite (see above) integrates easily with Amazon S3. The cost depends on the amount of usage but is remarkably inexpensive.

All the videos that I display on my websites are hosted on Amazon S3 (through Easy Video Suite).

Hope this helps.

To your success and happiness

Martyn Boaden